Photo by Lindsey Whiddon

I am a twenty-six year old artist/activist/human-in-evolution. In 2008, I flew my sweet little hippie nest in Northern California and moved to Los Angeles to study theatre and comparative literature at UCLA. I graduated in June of 2012 with degrees in both fields. My roots are ever-expanding, continually drinking the water beneath my feet, and I am happy to have found a love of the Los Angeles current. 

At the moment, I am interested in the process of things ā€“ the unfolding of a story, the sequence of events, the explicit collaboration and implicit coincidence of the pieces coming together, and ultimately, the community that surrounds and lives within the creative work.

I have much to learn and am humbled by the opportunities to do so. I am liberated by the notion that I am a beginner, both on my yoga mat and out in the great big world. I am grateful for my incredible teachers, mentors, and experiences (positive and somehow positive), and I feel wonderfully blessed by the extraordinarily talented and loving people in my immediate and extended families. 

Other skills include: putting babies to sleep, eating ice cream, getting people onboard with crowd-surfing somebody, spotting awful doppelgangers, getting up early, creative gift wrapping, creative gift: rapping, avoiding near-death experiences (just so), public transport in foreign places, yes-and-ing.

Things Iā€™m working on: letting go of fear in favor of freedom, being patient, releasing judgement, enjoying the moment, making more time for things I love to do, keeping this website updated.