Corporate Yoga with Leena Culhane


It all started when…

Why Choose Odyssey Fitness for Your

Corporate Wellness Solution?

Are you attracting and retaining top talent?

Are you thrilled with your insurance premiums?

Are you and all your employees happy with your state of health?

Do you know EXACTLY how to implement wellness programs that have an impact not only on your employees health but also building team morale?

If you need any help with the above…Please read on…

I’ve been around the fitness/wellness industry for over ten years. I've worked at the Cleveland Clinic and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mostly, I like to be your solution to health & fitness. I also help companies find wellness programs to meet the individual needs of their employees.

The result?

Reduced insurance costs for everyone. This generally makes employers, human resources, and health benefits types happy about the money they are NOT spending on unhealthy employees.After successfully launching my first corporate wellness program I'v learned I'm really great at this....

How do I do it?

Monthly Lunch & Learns

Onsite Personal Training

Onsite Group Exercise Classes

Quarterly Fitness Challenges

Facility Design

Equipment Procurement

Online Accountability Through Our App

Nutrition Workshop

And Much Much More


If you are looking for someone to motivate your employees and inspire them to make a long-lasting change to their health, please reach out!