Oh, my heart
I have been trying to get close to you
Doing the things that you've wanted to do
Reading the books I've been told by a few
Might bring me to my knees
I'm dancing in shadow, finding ways through the deep
Sorting the things I release or I keep
Taking down walls that I built in my sleep
Didn't know I did that 'til I did
I'm taking these steps, taking the time
I'm giving it space, I'm taking mine
I'm playing in some paradigm
Of being free
Well defined
Oh my heart, oh my heart, oh my heart
It's my work, it's my love, it's my art
It's the hardest part of growing
Softer and stronger
Further and deeper in
Way below where skin
Meets blood and bone

I shoot the arrow
Straight into the marrow
And pray and I practice each day to become
More of what makes me