Back in Nashville after a beautiful summer in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles) and Kauai (Hanalei, but perhaps more aptly the Pacific Ocean). All summer I dunked myself religiously in the sea whenever given the chance or whenever the chance was made. Early in the morning and late at night, I put my head underwater and I grew into a shorter surfboard throughout the course of the summer. There was always sand in the shower, a simple and gigantic joy.

Other fun summer activities included:
-watching my wonderful brother marry my wonderful sister-in-law
-family reunion in Lake Tahoe where I concussed myself landing face first into the lake while learning how to waterski
-writing bits of songs all summer long on a child's nylon string guitar
-hanging out with twin eight year olds I've known since they were born
-interval training
-drinking nice tequila at work

The summer went by in a flash and there are still two days left.

I am happy to be home again in this sweet little home away from home. I am happy to be back with my friends here, the Tennessee sky, the slow pace of life.

And I am wanting more. Always more.