Things I know: 
we will disappoint people people we love,
we will fail in the pursuit of our own growth,
we will be very uncomfortable at times,
we do not have control over anything,
and we are unable to know the future.

What else is there to risk when letting yourself fall in love with someone? Staring down the center of a fork in the road? Sorting this and leaving that and living the days in between?

I work on accepting these things about others (hard) and myself (harder) so that I can be more free. So that I can continue putting down the weight of my aloneness. So that I can keep changing my methods of transport through this journey and enjoy the vista points when I have the wherewithal to take them in - the mountains and valleys alike. 

How many decisions have I made trying to avoid these inevitables? It would be impossible to know but I am happy to feel a change in the wind of my sails. I am fumbling my way into a different approach with the help of beautiful people who sit with me on kitchen floors, and dog park benches, and chairs placed for the face-to-face required to look at my own heart square on through another's reflection.

It is such a gift to roam - with others and on my own.